Private classes


If you need a course on a different date or time than the public offering, or if you need an instructor-led course delivered for your organization, we can provide a private training option. InterSource offers onsite training throughout Europe, with most delivery involving customization of content, language or both, to meet client requirements.

  • To Purchasing Onsite Training
    • Contact us regarding your requirements. We will ask questions aimed at understanding your exact needs.
    • Review a Detailed Outline: we will present you with an outline detailing exactly what will be covered in your course and a proposal detailing the cost of the training.
    • Purchase Training: if your experience has been good so far, the outline matches your need and the price is right, then sign the proposal and we can schedule the training.
  • Delivery Locations: Our private classes are normally delivered at your offices, but can be delivered at a different location of your choice, at the InterSource Training Center near the Geneva airport, or via a web conference (a good option for geographically dispersed groups).
  • Class size: Generally, an organization will need to have at least four students in a class for it to be cost effective to bring an InterSource trainer onsite.