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Why InterSource?

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We have been training IT students since 1995 and know the importance of listening to our client’s needs and wishes. Clients have many choices, but demanding clients have fewer choices. We know that we are only considered as good as our last performance. Of course it's the same story for many of our clients, so we understand the importance they attach to having training adapted to their needs. At InterSource you choose the subject, level, location and language of your training: we call it Total Flexibility.

We invest in each of the component parts of the training product to reduce the chances for errors. Training is a big investment of time and money, so nothing should be left to chance when planning and implementing a training solution. We navigate away from common risks to the integrity of the training experience by adhering to a set of values.

Since its founding in 1995, InterSource has been providing high quality and highly customized training solutions to clients worldwide. With over ( Total number ) course titles constantly updated and numerous course customization and creation possibilities, we have the capability to meet your I.T. training needs.
Instructor-led courses are offered via a live Web connection, at client sites throughout Europe, and at our Geneva Training Center.
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