Our Values

growth2The alternative to quality training is bad training, which is a waste of time and money. So nothing should be left to chance when planning and implementing a training solution.


Start with excellent courseware

No one can possibly do everything well. We source course materials from a wide variety of companies specialized in one main training subject. Take a Flash course with InterSource and you know that the courseware publisher only deals with Adobe subjects, and is not a “jack of all trades”.


Understand client needs

We know the importance of listening to client’s needs and wishes. It’s not enough to offer great training; the training has to perfectly match the class requirements. Is the training project-driven, for certification preparation, or for general knowledge? Is the class homogenous or heterogeneous? It is often the unasked question which leads to an unsatisfactory result. Simple misunderstandings must be avoided at all costs.


Select great instructors

With the right courseware and a thorough understanding of client needs, we select the instructor most capable of transmitting the required technical knowledge to the target audience. Chances are your instructor will have both specialist academic training and product-specific certifications for the subject being taught, in addition to being an active programmer facing the same challenges you face. We make instructors available for questions after the course and ensure that there are no “loose ends” at the conclusion of our intervention.


Offer courses people want to take

While learning should be fun, our objective is to be significantly better than our competition, so that you can perform better than yours. So we create courses which are both fun and content-rich, and thus professionally rewarding starting from your first day back at work.

Since our creation in 1995, we have developed a methodology for avoiding errors which can compromise client satisfaction. We adhere to this process rigorously, and the result is satisfied clients who keep coming back.