What’s New in IBM Cognos Analytics

Course duration

  • 1 day

Course Benefits

Course Outline

  1. Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics
    1. Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics
    2. Overview of Data Modules, Dashboards and Reporting
  2. Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics Portal
    1. IBM Cognos Analytics Interface
    2. Navigating the Portal
    3. Running and Saving Reports
    4. Creating Folders
    5. Setting Preferences
    6. Subscriptions
    7. Searching
  3. New Reporting Features
    1. Examine the new Reporting Interface
    2. Use Layouts and Templates
    3. Create Reports with Multiple Packages
  4. Introduction to Data Modules
    1. Overview of Data Modules
    2. Upload Files
    3. Create Data Modules from Uploaded Files, Data Servers and Packages
    4. Add a Navigation Path to a Data Module
    5. Add relative time to a data module
  5. Introduction to Dashboards and Stories
    1. Compare Dashboards and Stories
    2. Examine the Dashboard Interface
    3. Create a Tabbed Dashboard and Modify Widgets
      1. Maps
      2. KPI
      3. Forecasting
    4. Add Filters (Top, Bottom, etc.)
    5. Examine the Story Interface
    6. Create a Story and Add Animation
    7. Modify a Story Timeline
  6. Introduction to Explorations
    1. Overview of Explorations
    2. Create an Exploration with Spirals and Decision Trees
  7. Summary

Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Cognos class:

  • Experience with IBM Cognos is strongly recommended. A basic knowledge of Windows, Internet Explorer or Chrome, and browser techniques is expected.
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