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    Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients and RSS readers.

    The intent of web design is to create a web site-a collection of electronic files that reside on a web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of Web pages once requested. Such elements as text, bit-mapped images (GIFs, JPEGs) and forms can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animations, videos, sounds) requires plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc. Plug-ins are also embedded into web page by using HTML/XHTML tags.

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Django Admin Training

Course duration

  • 2 days

Course Benefits

  1. Learn to get a Django admin site up and running quickly so that staff can easily manage data.
  2. Learn to customize the view for listing, searching, and filtering data.
  3. Learn to customized the views for adding and modifying data.
  4. Learn to manage permissions, so that only the right users can add, modify, and delete specific types of data.
  5. Learn to make bulk changes using actions.
  6. Learn to install and use extensions for making Django admin even more powerful.

Course Outline

  1. Setting Up
    1. Installing Django in a Virtual Environment
    2. Creating the Project
    3. Creating the polls App and the Models
    4. Django Debug Toolbar
    5. The Django Admin Documentation Generator
  2. Django Admin Introduction
    1. What You Get for Free
    2. Registering Models
    3. AdminSite objects
    4. Reversing Admin Site URLs
    5. Permissions
  3. The changelist View
    1. The Basics
    2. Filtering
    3. Inline Editing
    4. Speeding Up Load Time
    5. The display Decorator
  4. The change View and the add View
    1. The Basics
    2. Fieldsets
    3. Related Models
    4. Setting Initial Data
  5. Inlines
    1. Tables and Stacks
    2. Basic Configuration
    3. Features Shared with ModelAdmin
    4. Permissions
    5. Conflicting Foreign Keys
    6. Many-to-Many Relationships
  6. Actions
    1. The Basics
    2. Changing a Field Value
    3. Merging Records
    4. Exporting Records
  7. Templates
    1. The Basics
    2. Overriding change_list.html
    3. Overriding change_form.html
    4. Overriding submit_line.html to Add a New Button
    5. Overriding base.html
  8. Filters
    1. The Basics
    2. Creating Custom Filters
    3. Creating New Types of Filters
    4. Using Filters to Show Extra Columns
  9. Useful Extensions
    1. django-ckeditor
    2. django-admin-rangefilter
    3. django-import-export
  10. Advanced Topics
    1. Multiple Admin Sites

Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Django class:

  1. Experience with Python
  2. At least basic experience with Django, preferably more.
Prerequisite Courses
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