Practicing Kanban Using Azure Boards

Course duration

  • 1 day

Course Benefits

  • Learn to learn Kanban core practices and workflow.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Kanban
    1. Kanban overview
    2. Kanban core practices
    3. Kanban support in Azure Boards
    4. Configuring an Azure DevOps project
    5. Managing a product backlog
    6. Hands on
  2. Visualizing the Workflow
    1. Kanboard board overview
    2. Kanban board vs. a backlog
    3. Kanban board vs. a taskboard
    4. Defining the workflow
    5. Making policies explicit
    6. Definition of "Done"
    7. Defining classes of service (swimlanes)
    8. Defining task checklists and inline tests
    9. Filtering the board
    10. Keyboard shortcuts
    11. Hands-on
  3. Limiting WIP
    1. Work in Progress (WIP) overview
    2. Visualizing WIP limits
    3. Creating a pull system
    4. Splitting columns into "doing" and "done"
    5. Challenges with limiting WIP
    6. Bottlenecks
    7. Hands-on
  4. Managing for Flow
    1. Flow-based metrics
    2. Cycle time vs. lead time
    3. Little's Law
    4. Flow-based analytics
    5. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
    6. Scatterplots
    7. Actionable Agile Analytics
    8. Monte Carlo simulation
    9. Achieving flow and predictability
    10. Hands-on

Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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