Advanced After Effects Creative Cloud (CC) Training

Course duration

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to use animate tools
  • Learn to work with masks.
  • Learn to work with puppet tools.
  • Use the Roto Brush Tool with your projects.
  • Learn to color correct in After Effects.
  • Work with 3D Features

Course Outline

  1. Animating Layers
    1. Preparing Layered Photoshop Files
    2. About Photoshop Layer Styles
    3. Simulating Lighting Changes
    4. Duplicating an Animation Using the Pick Whip
    5. About Expressions
    6. Animating Movement in the Scenery
    7. Adjusting the Layers and Creating a Track Matte
    8. About Track Mattes and Traveling Mattes
    9. Animating the Shadows
    10. Adding a Lens Flare Effect
    11. Adding a Video Animation
    12. Rendering the Animation
    13. Retiming the Composition
  2. Working with Masks
    1. Creating a Mask with the Pen Tool
    2. Editing a Mask
    3. About Mask Modes
    4. Creating a Bezier Mask
    5. Feathering the Edges of a Mask
    6. Replacing the Content of the Mask
    7. Zooming and Panning by Touch
    8. Adding a Reflection
    9. Creating a Vignette
    10. Using the Rectangle and Ellipse Tools
    11. Adjusting the Timing
    12. Tips for Creating Masks
    13. Trimming the Work Area
  3. Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools
    1. About the Puppet Tools
    2. Adding Deform Pins
    3. Defining Areas of Overlap
    4. Stiffening an Area
    5. Animating Pin Positions
    6. Squash and Stretch
    7. Recording Animation
    8. Act It Out with Adobe Character Animator
  4. Using the Roto Brush Tool
    1. Creating a Segmentation Boundary
    2. Using Adobe Premiere Pro with After Effects
    3. Fine-tuning the Matte
    4. Refine Soft Matte and Refine Hard Matte Effects
    5. Freezing Your Roto Brush Tool Results
    6. Changing the Background
    7. Adding Animated Text
    8. Outputting Your Project
  5. Performing Color Correction
    1. Previewing Your Project on a Video Monitor
    2. Adjusting Color Balance with Levels
    3. Adjusting Color Balance with Color Finesse 3
    4. Replacing the Background
    5. Color-correcting Using Auto Levels
    6. Motion Tracking the Clouds
    7. Replacing the Sky in the Second Clip
    8. Color Grading
  6. Using 3D Features
    1. Creating 3D Text
    2. Using 3D Views
    3. Importing a Background
    4. Adding 3D Lights
    5. Adding a Camera
    6. Extruding Text in After Effects
    7. Working with Cinema 4D Lite
    8. Integrating the C4D Layer in After Effects

Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this After Effects class:

  • Basic knowledge of After Effects.
Prerequisite Courses

Courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

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